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Wooden House Specimen
Wooden House Specimen
Base-Isolation Structure Specimen
Base-Isolation Structure Specimen

This program is operated by the "Open Advanced Research Facilities Initiative" program supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). It is aimed to achive further development in science technology in general, as well as to efficiently use the investment for research and development by the Japanese government.
The facility that is objected to this program is the "Strong Earthquake Response Simulator(SERS)" operated by Disaster Prevention Research Institute of Kyoto University.
The expenses needed to support universities (except Kyoto Univ.), research institutions, and private companies to use the facility will be supplementary funded by MEXT.


Expences to operate and maintain the facility for cooperative use of the advanced research facilities.
Expences of duty for the users such as, technical support, providing information, and consulting will be supported.
Fee will be charged for the use of SERS in general, but it is possible to be used for trail for 1 unit (1 unit is 1 weeks).

Furthermore, the cooperative use of seismograms that are possessed for measuring vibration properties of real structures is also promoted along with the usage of SERS.

For information for how to apply, please see here.
From the fiscal year of 2010, proposals to the public advertisement will be accepted in April and October for the half year plan. For periods with no schedule after the scheduling by the SERS committee, it will be availiable on demand.