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This program is aimed to build a supporting system consisting of a technical staff, technical advising researcher, and their assistants upon users request, to support researchers conducting experiments using the Strong Earthquake Response Simulator, at all stages of the experiment such as assembling specimen, installing sensors, checking instruments, uninstalling sensors, and disassembling specimens.

For the fiscal year of 2010, application for proposals will be accepted in April and October, and the schedule of tests will be adjusted within the accepted proposals.
If there is an opening, proposals will be accepted on demand.

Proposals will be evaluated by the "Strong Earthquake Response Simulator Managemen Committee" and the appropriate proposal will be accepted. The proposals will be evaluated according to the following standards.

Purpose of the experiment matches the purpose of this program.
Objective is original and worthwhile to conduct research.
Expected results are realizable.
Planned period, scale and budget is appropriate.
Conforms the mission of DPRI as an Institution for Cooperative Use and Cooperative Research.

The proposals will be judged if it is appropriate for trail-use upon users request. It will be discussed by the committee if the necessary support can be offered to the users as part of the program.