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SERS Specifications of SERS

Specifications of Device
Table 5m(X-axis) x 3m(Y-axis)
Shaking Direction Horizontal 2 axis(X,Y), Vertical(Z), rotation( θx, θy, θz )
Driving Force System Electronic and Oil Pressured Servo System
Coupler System Static Bearing
Maximum Load Rated Value 15tonf, Maximum Value 30tonf
Maximum Displacement Horizontal(X): ±300mm
Horizontal(Y): ±250mm
Vertical(Z): ±200mm
Maximum Velocity Horizontal(X): ±150cm/s
Horizontal(Y): ±150cm/s
Vertical(Z): ±150cm/s
Maximum Acceleration
(Load 15tonf)
Horizontal(X): ±1G(±1.5G without load)
Horizontal(Y): ±1G(±1.5G without load)
Vertical(Z): ±1G(±1.5G without load)
Maximum Rotation Angle X-, Y-, Z- axis( θx, θy, θz ): ±3 degrees
Frequency DC to 50Hz
Input Wave Sine, Random, Arbitrary
Caution!: Maximum velocity of each component for continuous sine waves are ±50cm/s
Dynamic Actuator Specification
Maximum Dynamic Output ±75tonf
Maximum Displacement ±300mm
Maximum Velocity ±50cm
Frequency DC to 20Hz