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Regulations of Fee Charge For Use of
the Strong Earthquake Response Simulator
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General rule of fees charged for the use of the Strong Earthquake Response Simulator is set as follows.

1. Subject of fee charge

Private companies, independent organizations, and research institutes such as universities (if it is a research project that can pay usage fees) are subjects of fee charge.
Usage by research groups consisting of researchers only from Kyoto University is not charged.
Research themes of proposals that has been approved by the SERS committee will not be charged.

2.Standard fee
1) Three dimensional shaking table
-Occupation of shaking table 72,000 yen per day
-Operation of shaking table 215,000 yen per day (additional)
2) Dynamic actuator
-Occupation of dynamic actuator 72,000 yen per day
3) Measurement systems
General accelerometers -72,000 yen per operation day
3. Various expenses (Overhead)

Additional 30% of the total usage fee is charged for office expenses.

October 1, 2008
March 31, 2010 revised